Manon LemoineYoung woman. Journalist. French. More than the sum of these parts. Faithful reader of the international pages of the dailypaper and deeply interested in “contemporary issues”, which, in the end, mirror nothing else than our life, cruel and unjust at times, but fed by men and women who think and act. Short: Moving stories that are worth sharing.
Passionate journalist and writer, yes, but also ardent fan of fashion. After “international” comes “arts”. Less interesting, some might say, but is it? A lighter subject, sure, less “intelligent”, certainly, but not devoid of expression and feelings, inseparable from femininity and masculinity and part of every soul.
Still, there’s more. Admittedly happy victim of New York clichés. Or in other words: emotionally connected to whatever it is this illuminated melting pot brings to the table, evoking love and hate, sheer ecstasy and the numbing imminence of its urban chaos.
This city is not getting tired of posing for the world, showing off sparkling lights and summits of glass and steel. It has seen millions of captivated photographers. So why not join the flattery and have a little fun ourselves?


On a planet that seems to accelerate by the second, fueled by the genius of technology, by discoveries and our constant longing for more, we change habits. We change how we interact with others, how we interact with the world around us, and journalism, faithful as it is, adjusts. Should we be afraid?
Let’s rather try to see what these developments can offer us, how we can profit from these changes and how we, ourselves, can adapt. This is what “Silk and Souls” is about. A different approach. Using the speed of online journalism to make stories about the cultural and societal riches of our world spread as far as possible. Discovering valuable stories where they happen. Change habits but not compromise on content.


Qui ?


ellen says:

J’ai beaucoup aimé votre article sur le congé maternité aux USA (ou son inexistence) . Je l’ai experimenté il y a quelques mois et j’ai envié mes amis françaises.

Le Street Style c’est vraiment la que se trouve la mode original de tout le monde avec pour chacun sa touche perso.
Moi aussi je prends plaisir à photographier des silhouettes de Style STreet pour ftwwl.com

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